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There is a story behind each doll I make and a personality. Your child, through play and love, will bring that personality to life.

Each doll is influenced by the Waldorf tradition of dollmaking and is hand-crafted using all natural materials. The skin is made from the finest imported Swiss cotton jersey (Öko-tex certified) or interlock from the Netherlands and is firmly stuffed with clean carded wool yet is still very huggable/cuddly. The arms are slender, long and floppy and the legs are slender and long too. Boy dolls have a little more chunk to them. There is a little bum so the doll can sit on her/his own. And we can't forget to mention the cute little chin and belly button too! Mouth and eyes are embroidered with cotton floss. Hair is created from any of the following natural fibers: TLS, brushed mohair yarn, boucle, weft or locks.

And that little bit of soul you see, that spirit of life, well that comes from the love that goes into making each doll. I listen closely to what each doll has to say when she is still a trickle, an idea in my mind, the smallest whispers where she tells me a bit about herself. She is trusting me to translate this into her being. If I listen well, she is happy. If I don't, well, let's just say that's never happened. And trust me, it won't because it takes a long time for me to make a doll. Because I listen for the wee small voice, that whisper.