The Soul Speaks

I know when a doll begins to speaks freely that I am on the right track. It means that she trusts me and that I’m doing everything right by her. My latest, Nieve, made her voice known right up front when she first told me she wasn’t a brunette but a blonde. I told her she would be gorgeous either way, but she said with absolute confidence and sweetness, “Blonde, please.” 

So Blonde she became. 

And Nieve grew tall and lovely. She said, I want NICE clothes. Now I can take a lot, but I looked her immediately in the eyes and said, “Little Miss, I ALWAYS make nice clothes.” She ignored my  correction and simply smiled.

Nieve in dress.jpg
Nieve in pants.jpg

Nieve should be arriving at her new home today. I already miss that sweet face and those bright green eyes. I did manage to give her one last hug before she left but it was hard letting go.

Nieve is a 21-inch custom Giocare & Amare doll, handmade of all natural materials with love by me.