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I am a mom with a full time job and a full time family (lol) who fell in love with making hand-crafted one-of-a-kind natural fiber dolls.

I've always been creative, designing doll clothing and my own from a very young age. I made my first dolls (rag dolls) when I was 12--one for my sister and one for myself.  After the first two dolls, I made many more and our doll family grew.  They were much loved and played with.  

Now I make a different style of doll using all natural materials but the same love and thought that went into those first rags dolls are still imbued into all the dolls I make. The G&A doll began with it's roots in the waldorf/steiner method of doll making and still holds to many of those principles; however, they have since evolved but still remain one-of-a-kind natural fiber dolls.

I thank you for taking an interest in my dolls. They are all special to me and I love for them to bring a special joy and life to their new family.

~ Susan